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      1. 努美科技

        SEM主動隔振平臺SEM base LP

        名稱: SEM主動隔振平臺SEM base LP

        型號: SEM ba<x>se LP

        品牌: TMC

        • 詳細信息

        賽默飛世爾定制版SEM主動隔振平臺SEM Base LP


        SEM-Base LP is a custom, low profile version of our standard SEM-Base active piezoelectric vibration cancellation platform. SEM-Base LP is easier to install, provides outstanding performance, and is ergonomically optimized. The compact design facilitates installation without lifting the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) column with anything other than the SEM’s built-in leveling feet. And, once installed, the SEM’s height above the floor does not increase. SEM-Base LP incorporates our unique STACIS piezo technology and has the same vibration cancellation performance as our industry-standard SEM-Base VI. SEM-Base LP includes casters and is designed specifically to integrate with many Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly FEI) tools.


        Example of how SEM-Base LP integrates with the bottom frame of the tool


        Compatible Thermo Fisher Tool Models

        SEM-Base LP is compatible with many Thermo Fisher Scientific models including:

        ? Apreo

        ? Aquilos

        ? Helios Small DualBeam

        ? Nova NanoSEM x50

        ? Quattro S

        ? Scios

        ? Teneo

        ? Verios G4

        ? Verios 460, 460L

        ? Versa 3D


        If your SEM/FIB is not listed, contact TMC to check for compatibility.


        The SEM-Base Advantage

        Hard-Mount Technology – SEM-Base is compatible with internal SEM vibration control systems and aggressively mitigates low frequency floor vibration starting at 0.6 Hz.


        Active Inertial Vibration Cancellation – SEM-Base uses high sensitivity, low frequency inertial velocity sensors to achieve high levels of vibration attenuation, even on quiet floors. 


        Serial Design with Piezoelectric Technology – The unique serial design and proprietary highforce piezoelectric technology results in a wide active bandwidth from 0.6 Hz to 150 Hz and unmatched, inertial active vibration cancellation with 90% reduction starting at 2 Hz.



        1800 lbs (818 kg) payload tested with simulated vibration at VC-C (500 μin./s, 12.5 μm/s RMS)



        Performance Specifications

        Active degrees of freedom 6
        Active bandwidth 0.6 Hz - 100 Hz
        Passive natural frequency 12 Hz nominal
        Effective active resonant frequency 0.5 Hz
        Isolation at 1 Hz 40% - 70%
        Isolation at 2 Hz 90%
        Isolation at ≥3 Hz 90-98%
        Internal noise <0.1 nm RMS
        Operating load range 900 - 2,500 lbs (408 - 1134 kg)
        Magnetic field emitted
        at maximum 4 in.(102 mm)
        from the platform
        <0.02 μG broadband RMS


        Design, Dimensions, and Environmental and Utility Requirements

        Environmental and safety CE and RoHS compliant
        Active isolation elements High-force piezoelectric actuators that receive signal from a high-voltage amplifier with an output of up to 800 VDC
        Passive isolation element single stiff elastomer (no compressed air supply required)
        Vibration sensor elements Downward facing geophone type inertial sensors
        that measure floor vibration below the isolator
        and deliver voltage proportional to the velocity of vibration motion
        Active feedback control loop Floor vibration is measured, processed
        and attenuated below the spring
        supporting the isolated surface
        Dimensions (WxD) 33.3 x 34.9 in. | 846 x 887 mm
        41 x 34.9 in. | 1041 x 887 mm total with casters
        Height 5.26 in. (134 mm) nominal,
        doesn't change when SEM-Base is switched off
        Operating temperature 50° - 90° F
        10° - 32° C
        Storage temperature -40° - 130° F
        -40° - 55° C
        Humidity < 80% @ 68° F | 20° C
        System power requirements 100, 120, 230, 240 VAC
        50/60 Hz AC; <600 W
        CE compliant
        Floor displacement <800 μin. (20 μm) below 10 Hz


        Controller Specifications

        Processor 150/75 MHz dual core
        Sampling rate 10 kHz
        Analog outputs 16 channels
        Analog inputs 16 channels
        Status light single LED
        Front panel ports 1x serial USB 2.0
        1x serial Micro-USB
        1x Ethernet RJ-45
        2x BNC
        User interface Front panel LCD display
        Character menu on HyperTerminal
        Extended GUI for Microsoft Windows
        Embedded Ethernet GUI

        備案號:京ICP備13029673號-1    京公網安備11010802012682

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